Guided Sleep Meditation – Attract Miracles & Abundance Length:2Hrs


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A guided sleep meditation to fall asleep fast and manifest abundance and miracles into your life while you sleep. This guided sleep meditation utilises sleep hypnosis, abundance and miracle affirmations and relaxing sleep music. Sleep deeply and peacefully tonight as you align yourself with the universe to bring abundance and miracles into your life. Miracles do happen, open yourself up to receive one tonight.

Affirmations used in this Meditation:
I am open and ready for miracles
I welcome miracles into my life
I am attracting miracles in all forms
My life is full of blessings
My life is getting better every day
I attract abundance
I trust in the universe to give me what I need
I am supported by the universe
I surrender control
Something very special is about to happen to me
Miracles are happening for me
I am manifesting great health
I am manifesting wealth
I am manifesting success
I am so happy and so grateful now that I’m open and receiving miracles
I pursue my dreams with faith and trust
I am safe
I trust the universe and I trust myself
I am attracting all that I desire
Life is full of miracles

Written and Spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
Backing Music – Adrift 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.



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