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  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Reduce Inflammation, Repair Cells

    A guided healing sleep meditation for getting well, reducing inflammation and pain. Ideal for strengthening the mind-gut connection to encourage deeper and improved physical health or simply to rejuvenate the body. Length 1:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Cell Repair, Pain Relief and Deep Relaxation

    Manifest healing of your whole body, throughout all your cells and organs and connect with your inner self to direct your deepest healing intention to those cells which will benefit most during your night’s sleep so your healing continues throughout the night. Length 1:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Deep Body Healing Meditation

    We begin by relaxing you very deeply, softening muscles and letting go of tension and quietening your mind so you are at peace and a lovely feeling of tranquility pervades and you can manifest your greatest and deepest healing of your cells. Length 1:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ 8Hr Deep DELTA Sleep for Healing

    This is an 8hr recording. DELTA is known as the healing frequency. It occurs during Deep sleep and is crucial for physical healing including cell regeneration and recovery. Move you into deep healing sleep quickly and maximise your time spent in DELTA. Length 8:00


    Live with abundance. Great success, happiness, love, health and wealth can be yours. Through a positive mindset, you will attract the positive energy of the universe into your life. Your thoughts are your most powerful tool in gaining the life you desire. Length 2:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Your Cells are Listening

    This guided meditation will relax you so deeply you will fall into a deep and peaceful sleep where your mind is completely relaxed and your body can focus on deep healing. Your cells are always listening so it is important to give them the most powerful words and thoughts to hear. Length 1:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ 2Hr Deep DELTA Sleep for Healing

    This is a 2hr recording. DELTA is known as the healing frequency. It occurs during Deep sleep and is crucial for physical healing including cell regeneration and recovery. Move you into deep healing sleep quickly and maximise your time spent in DELTA. Length 2:00

  • Quit Drinking Alcohol ★ Stop Problem and Binge Drinking

    This recording is suitable for you if you want to stop or reduce your alcohol drinking. You will create strategies for being around alcohol and not drinking and fully commit to your new identity as an alcohol free individual. Change for the better today. Length 37:29

  • Pain Free Sleep Meditation ★ Stop Pain and Heal While You Sleep

    Pain is a drain mentally and physically. Relax your muscles, release tension, reduce and dissolve pain within the body and encourage healing to take place.  Get a good night of deep, rejuvenating and healing sleep. Length 37:29

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Cell Healing and Pain Relief Guided Meditation

    Experience deep relaxation and restorative sleep whilst you manifest deep healing of the mind and body. Be guided into a deeply relaxed state where you will turn your focus to thorough healing of the body and emotions. Length 46:11

  • Feel God’s Healing Hands ★ HEAL while you SLEEP Guided Meditation

    Connect with God and experience his profound love and healing flowing through you. Be guided into a deeply peaceful state to bring God into your heart & mind & create your healing experience. Rest your hands in God’s healing hands. Length 46:06

  • LOSE WEIGHT while you SLEEP ★ Fast Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Lose weight fast by training your mind to think like a skinny girl – get the same results as skinny girls by thinking, and acting like them.  Easily make the food choices that skinny people do.  Become just like them by living their lifestyle and do it with ease. Length 1:03

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Golden Light Healing Meditation

    Connect with the golden healing light to energetically heal each part of your body. Experience great comfort in the golden light as you let go of all negative energy stored within the body and manifest healing, peace and joy. Length 40Mins

  • Stop Negative Thoughts Hypnosis ★ Block Negativity ★ Be Positive

    Overcome negative thinking and instil positive thoughts and feelings. Creating the habit of being in a positive state of mind will have a large impact on the quality of your life.  You will be happier, calmer, more productive and content. Length 26:32

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Manifest Body Healing

    Let this guided meditation lead you to self-healing. Enhance your healing with your relaxed and focused mind to encourage and enhance deep healing and health and vitality. Feel your muscles relax and a peacefulness settle over you as you drift off to sleep and let the healing continue. Length 2:00

  • LOSE WEIGHT while you SLEEP ★ 15 Day Success Challenge

    Permanent weight loss is a direct result of how you use your mind. Listen for 15 days to create the habit of eating for weight loss and maintenance and see your success!  Listen and re-program your mind today to form these positive weight loss habits. Length 1:03

  • HEAL While you SLEEP ★ Chakra Balancing and Clearing Guided Meditation

    Cleanse and balance your 7 chakras for physical and emotional healing. Remove of negative energy blocks that impinge on the free flow of positive and healthy energy throughout the body, even working while you sleep. Length 59:10

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Manifest Happiness Guided Meditation

    Manifest a life of happiness. Program your mind to Be Happy as you drift off to sleep with this deeply relaxing meditation . Happy people worry less, experience less stress, anxiety and depression. Manifest a happier life – You Deserve It! Length 1:00

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Full Body Healing, Manifest Cell Healing ★ Pain Relief Meditation

    Manifest physical and emotional healing while drifting off to sleep with this full body healing meditation. Utilise the power of your own mind to encourage and enhance deep healing and health and vitality. Length 1:28

  • LOSE WEIGHT While You SLEEP ★ 16:8 Intermittent Fasting

    Your mind must be strong, focused and committed to create a permanent new way of life. Practice this guided hypnosis to commit the necessary behaviours around food into your subconscious mind to achieve your weight loss and health goals the easier way. Length 1:00

  • Sleep Hypnosis Energy Healing for Relaxation and Happiness ★ Guided Meditation

    Take a blissful guided journey into a world of positivity and happiness. Feel your muscles relaxing beneath you as you experience deep energy healing and open your heart to all that is beautiful, healing and nurturing. Length 1:02

  • Hypnosis to Lose Weight While you Sleep

    LOSE WEIGHT While You SLEEP ★ Fast & Easy Weight Loss

    Take advantage of your relaxed and open unconscious mind to retrain it adopt positive food choices, the right meal portions and stop snacking. Get the results you want through subliminal positive and healthy messages. Lose weight while you sleep! Length 1:02

  • Clear Subconscious Negativity Sleep Hypnosis ★ Stop Negative Thoughts

    Feel a weight lift as old unhelpful subconscious negativity leaves you. Negative thinking and thought patterns  hinder life’s enjoyment.  Release negative thoughts and stop unhelpful thought patterns, feel at peace and happier. Length 1:00

  • FALL ASLEEP FAST Sleep Meditation ★ Relax Deeply & Stop Insomnia

    Be guided into sleep, fast, deeply and easily, just follow the relaxing thoughts as they are presented to you. It is very relaxing and calming for the mind.  Great for those who suffer from insomnia or even a random night of not being able to get to sleep. Length 1:00

  • Heal Your Body Meditation ★ Reduce Inflammation & Repair Cells ★ Stop Pain & Sickness

    Heal your body; be well, reduce inflammation and pain. Ideal for anyone suffering with inflammation within the body, chronic pain, ibs, disease, illness or simply to rejuvenate the body. Length 16.42

  • HEAL while you SLEEP ★ Deep Body Healing Manifest ★ Cell Repair and Pain Relief Healing Meditation

    Manifest emotional and physical healing and increase ongoing health. You can enhance your healing with your relaxed and focused mind as you easily drift off into pain free sleep. Length 2:04

  • Full Gastric Band Hypnosis ★ Lose Weight while you Sleep

    Experience the benefits of having a surgical gastric band fitted without the stress and risks of surgery – there is no down time with this hypnotic gastric band surgery!  Enjoy the powerful effects of hypnotic gastric band in the luxury of your sleep. Length 34:37

  • Stop Biting Your Nails ★ Break The Habit Permanently

    Let today be Day 1 of your the rest of your life having groomed healthy finger nails and cuticles. Nail biting is just a habit that has become deeply ingrained in you through repetition. Utilise this easy hypnotic approach to break the habit once and for all. Length 26:20

  • Beautiful Beach Relaxation

    Listen and experience deep relaxation. Be transported to you’re own private and beautiful beach. Feel the sand scrunching beneath your toes, the warmth of the gentle sun on your face, the gentlest of breezes moving through your hair… perhaps you’re there already…

  • Progressive Hypnosis Self Hypnosis download

    Garden Walk Relaxation

    Utilise your mind to be fully present as you wander along a beautiful garden walk.  Inhale the scents of pretty flowers, the brilliant colours and shapes shrubs and 100 year old canopy trees. Hear bird calls and be transported into a deep and soothing relaxation.

  • Look Forward to Public Speaking

    Presenting with ease and confidence.  Let your subconscious mind do all the work – lie back and relax and listen to the positive suggestions to train your mind and become that Master Public Speaker.   Speak clearly, calmly and with ease in front of any audience.

  • Calm and Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis

    Calm & Confident Public Speaking

    Approach public speaking with confidence and deliver your message in a calm and controlled manner. Give strong presentations that engage the audience. Look and feel like a natural public speaker! Relax and let this program train your brain to be a calm & confident speaker in all situations.  


Read what our customers have to say

I can honestly say I am a non-smoker. I have not had a cigarette nor any cravings since listening to the quit smoking downloads. I feel great and am still so surprised at just how easy it was.

Maria D.

Hello, I smoked for over 30 years and enjoyed it. Then, due to health issues my Dr said I must give up. I tried patches, cold-turkey and another hypnosis and none worked. I bought your program as a last ditch effort and it just hit home. So now I'm a non-smoker, happy & healthy ;) Thanks

Bill F.

I avoided public speaking for work but it was getting difficult to do, so I thought I'd give this a try. Amazing! Since following your public speaking download I feel confident speaking publicly and I actually look forward to it. I feel like I am in control and everyone is enjoying and learning from everything I say.

Steven Ng.

I've purchased 2 of your hypnosis downloads - the first was for Public Speaking which I'm happy to say is now easy for me and more recently your Golf Program to improve my game and so far, so good.

Dean T.

I'm seeing results already! I wasn't sure I needed the entire Weight Loss Package but I am so glad I got the it. There are so many parts to it that I could relate to and improve within myself. From the very first track I have felt differently about food. It's now been about 8 weeks and I've lost weight and am so happy to no longer be focused on food - it seemed to consume me before. I'm very happy. Thank you.

Cilla Mc.

I've beat my sugar addiction and feel so much better for it! Your download nailed it!

Pamela S.

I've avoided flying for over 15 years since a very turbulent flight where I had a huge panic attack. But when my mother, living overseas got sick I had no choice but to make the 18hour flight. I was sick with anxiety about the upcoming flight so I purchased your Fear of Flying Program. I still don't know how you did it but after listening to the tracks I felt so much calmer and confident. I took the flight and it was just as you said, I felt like I was relaxing down into a deep and comfortable chair for a great rest the whole of the flight. I'm really proud of myself and really thankful to you.

Janet E.