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  • Beach Relaxation

    Beach Relaxation

    In just 25 minutes you can be feeling deeply relaxed, calm and peaceful.  All you need to do is listen to Beach Relaxation and in no time you’ll be transported to you’re own beautiful beach, feeling the warm sand scrunching beneath your toes, the warmth of the gentle sun on your face and arms, the […]

  • Garden Walk Relaxation

    Garden Walk Relaxation

    Let Garden Walk Relaxation guide you through a deeply relaxing and calming experience.  Utilise your mind to be fully present in a beautiful garden walk.  Experience the scent of the flowers, the colourful shrubs and canopy trees.  Hear the bird calls and be transported to a beautiful and deep relaxation.  

  • Look Forward to Public Speaking

    Look Forward to Public Speaking

    We all have to speak in front of an audience at some time.  Whether it’s your job requirement, a means to a promotion, a best man’s speech, or even at your local sports committee meeting.  There are plenty of situations where good public speaking skills can help you – advance your career, enhance your reputation, boost your […]

  • Calm & Confident Public Speaking

    Calm & Confident Public Speaking

    Approach public speaking with confidence and deliver your message in a calm and controlled manner.  You can give presentations that engage the audience and look forward to giving them.  Through this Calm and Confident Public Speaking Self Hypnosis download you’ll look forward to public speaking knowing that you do it calmly and with confidence.

  • Calm & Relaxed Flying Program

    Calm & Relaxed Flying Program

    Be a calm and relaxed flyer in any plane, for any length of flight and for any weather conditions with these 2 powerful hypnosis downloads: Relaxed Flying Relaxed during Turbulence Through this Calm and Relaxed Flying Program you’ll approach approach flying with confidence and excitement.  See yourself relaxed and calm in your seat on the plane, notice the turbulence […]

  • Relaxed During Turbulence

    Relaxed During Turbulence

    Stay calm when turbulence hits. Turbulence is relatively common and is essentially just a bump in the sky.  It is caused by things such as change in air pressure – wind, thunderstorms, proximity to mountains.  It’s like a pothole in the road or driving over speed bump.  It’s temporary and will pass. Fly comfortably through turbulence, […]

  • Deep Relaxation

    Deep Relaxation

    Relax and unwind with this uplifting self hypnosis session. The world we live in is a fast moving and hectic one.  It is becoming increasingly complex and crowded.  Generally we often feel that we are working harder than ever before.  This is inducing within us an heightened anxious and stressful state.  The purest antidote for stress […]

  • Be a Mindful Eater

    Be a Mindful Eater

    Stop eating mindlessly.  Slow down and make good and healthy food choices.

  • Look Forward To Exercise

    Look Forward To Exercise

    Use hypnosis to create your healthy exercise habit. The benefits of exercise on health are long.  It feels great when you are exercising regularly.  There are thousands of exercises you can enjoy – walking, running, swimming, tennis, badminton, weights… What will yours be? Habits are created and stored in the subconscious mind.  Create your new […]

  • Stop Sabotaging & Lose Weight

    Stop Sabotaging & Lose Weight

    Stop sabotaging your good progress – remain strong and consistent.


Read what our customers have to say

I can honestly say I am a non-smoker. I have not had a cigarette nor any cravings since listening to the quit smoking downloads. I feel great and am still so surprised at just how easy it was.

Maria D.

Hello, I smoked for over 30 years and enjoyed it. Then, due to health issues my Dr said I must give up. I tried patches, cold-turkey and another hypnosis and none worked. I bought your program as a last ditch effort and it just hit home. So now I'm a non-smoker, happy & healthy ;) Thanks

Bill F.

I avoided public speaking for work but it was getting difficult to do, so I thought I'd give this a try. Amazing! Since following your public speaking download I feel confident speaking publicly and I actually look forward to it. I feel like I am in control and everyone is enjoying and learning from everything I say.

Steven Ng.

I've purchased 2 of your hypnosis downloads - the first was for Public Speaking which I'm happy to say is now easy for me and more recently your Golf Program to improve my game and so far, so good.

Dean T.

I'm seeing results already! I wasn't sure I needed the entire Weight Loss Package but I am so glad I got the it. There are so many parts to it that I could relate to and improve within myself. From the very first track I have felt differently about food. It's now been about 8 weeks and I've lost weight and am so happy to no longer be focused on food - it seemed to consume me before. I'm very happy. Thank you.

Cilla Mc.

I've beat my sugar addiction and feel so much better for it! Your download nailed it!

Pamela S.

I've avoided flying for over 15 years since a very turbulent flight where I had a huge panic attack. But when my mother, living overseas got sick I had no choice but to make the 18hour flight. I was sick with anxiety about the upcoming flight so I purchased your Fear of Flying Program. I still don't know how you did it but after listening to the tracks I felt so much calmer and confident. I took the flight and it was just as you said, I felt like I was relaxing down into a deep and comfortable chair for a great rest the whole of the flight. I'm really proud of myself and really thankful to you.

Janet E.