Calm, Peaceful Mind Guided Meditation. Release Fear & Anxiety Meditation Length:36min

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In this peaceful mind meditation you will release anxiety and fear and instil a deep calm within. The fears associated with Coronavirus, financial strain and global concern are causing stressful and fearful thoughts and emotions and these feelings have been shown to deplete the immune system. At a time when a strong immune system is most desirable and even life saving. This peaceful mind meditation has been created with an aim of enhancing your mental health, releasing any fears and worries so as your mind is free to oversee the physical workings of a strong and healthy and fit body.

Take extra care of yourself. Utilise this guided meditation to let go of your worries, any panic and anxious thoughts and fill your mind with peace and relaxation. It is especially important to look after yourself during these challenging times and maintaining a calm mind is a big step in doing this. Strengthen your immune system with peaceful and health focused thoughts. Your mind is your most powerful self healing tool – it is the conductor of all that happens within your body. Give it strength, stamina and power.

Stress caused by anxiety, fear and panic weakens your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illnesses and causing your nervous system to be under pressure. Relax, regenerate and boost your immune system.

This guided meditation will also teach you a quick “reset and relax” response that you can repeat daily in less than 5 minutes and we suggest you do repeat it daily, ideally several times each day – it’s like riding a bike, the more you do it the better you get at it and, in the case of meditation and relaxation the deeper and faster you experience calm.

Written and spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
Music: Heart Meditation by Chris Collins,

1 review for Calm, Peaceful Mind Guided Meditation. Release Fear & Anxiety Meditation Length:36min

  1. NancyF

    Perfectly guides me to very peaceful feelings every time. I have a mind that won’t turn off and gets quite stressful and I can rely on this to quieten my hyper mind.

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