Download your Order, It's easy !

Firstly, ALL downloads are in MP3 format and suitable for ALL phones, tablets and computers. (Your download link expires after 30 days so be sure to download before then. In case you have any internet issues while downloading you can use the link for up to 5 times.)

You have 2 ways to download your order.

  1. Immediately after your order is processed you will be presented with a screen that has a link to download your file; and
  2. Within minutes after your order is processed you will receive an email that has a link to download your file.  (If you do not receive an email within a few minutes please check your SPAM or JUNK folders for an email from “” or “Progressive Hypnosis Downloads”.)
Your Screen will look like this
Your Email will look like this
Helen Ryan

When you click the link you will be taken to your browser window. You will see a blank screen and a small blue bar at the top right hand corner of your scree; your recording is automatically downloading. Click on the blue bar and you can watch the file downloading. When finished downloading the blue bar becomes an arrow. The file has downloaded to your folder titled  “Downloads”. (Sometimes  the recording will automatically start playing now too, but this depends on how your own computer is configured.) In future, when you wish to play your recording simply go to the Downloads folder and select the file and it will play. (As with any other file you can move this one to another location on you computer if you prefer.)

An example of the file downloading

When you click on the link in your email or on the Order Confirmed Page you will be taken to a window and a message like “Do you want to Download?” will appear. Say Yes and the download will start. Now at the top right hand corner of your phone you will see a Circle or a Downward Facing Arrow – click on this and it will show you the file downloading. Once completed it will usually open and you can play it from the screen. Your recording will be stored in your Download folder under your Files Icon on your Phone. You can go there at any time to play it offline and from there you can also move it to any other location you desire.

Helen Ryan