Kicking the Butt. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program


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Kicking The Butt ! The Ultimate Program In Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Take action and gain control now to free yourself from smoking cigarettes with this comprehensive hypnotherapy quit smoking package that allows you to go at your own pace to become a non smoker for good.

Easy to follow, and easier to do
Complete the program from the comfort and privacy of your home
A complete package that targets the key reasons people fail to quit for good
Customise it to suit You! allowing you to focus on the areas you need to most

This quit smoking program is easy to follow and even easier to do, as you are guided through a series of relaxing hypnotherapy sessions each specifically designed to enable you to quit smoking without feelings of stress, anxiety, and cravings, which are typically associated with quitting cigarettes. Each session in the quit smoking program targets a specific area of the complex reasons why so many people have difficulty in quitting cigarettes. The structure of the program allows you to repeat any of the sessions as many times as you like, this enables you to focus on any specific things that you may be finding personally challenging as you quit smoking. Unlike so many other stop smoking hypnotherapy products, with the Kicking The Butt - Quit Smoking program you are in control and can customise it to suit you as an individual on your journey to become a non smoker.

While you simply sit back and relax during each of the sessions, you will be guided through a relaxing hypnosis session that empowers you to easily and confidently stop smoking.

Your downloadable Kicking The Butt - Quit Smoking program includes;

Session 1 - With Clarity of Purpose - This session guides you through a process of strengthening and clarifying your desire to become a non smoker and quit smoking. One of the keys to successfully changing anything in your life long term is to know exactly where you’re going and why! This session kickstarts your motivation and desire to stop smoking for good. This session feels great and you’ll want to do it more than once it’s so nice ! Who would of thought quitting smoking would feel so nice !!

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Session 2 - The Craving Crusher - During the Craving Crusher we literally stop the impulses that drive you to have those regular cigarettes that you have throughout the day, such as after meals, hopping in the car, when having a drink, finishing work etc. These cigarettes often make up 70 - 80% of the amount people smoke, so this session provides a BIG step in taking away the cravings that are typically feared when people stop smoking.

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Session 3 - Kicking The Habit - This is where we knock the habit on the head! changing your mentally learned process of seeking cigarettes to feed your smoking addiction. During this session you’ll be guided through an extremely powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) process that helps you quit smoking more easily by retraining the mind to avoid your mind thinking about habitual behaviour associated with smoking a cigarette. This is often an important step for all smokers when quitting that we achieve in just minutes, without this NLP tool (that we guide you through under hypnosis) it may take up to a year to achieve the same results on your own which is one of the reasons why so many smokers manage to quit smoking for a while but then get caught up in the amount of time they think about smoking and many ultimately give in and start smoking again.

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Session 4 - Destroy The Desire To Smoke - In this session we poke at the senses to increase your sensitivity to the impacts of smoking and highlight your desire to stop smoking cigarettes at a physical level. Some people find this is only hypnosis they need to stop smoking, maybe this will be you!

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Session 5 - Your Identity As A Non Smoker - One of the essential aspects to any long term change at a personal level is to ensure that you change your self identity in that aspect of your life. For so many of us, the reasons we started smoking cigarettes are no longer relevant to our personal identity. For example many people start smoking at a young age to look or feel ‘cool’ or to feel like they fit within a peer group better, but as we get older & wiser these elements of our self identity become less important, however if we still see ourselves as smokers then we’ll create a constant struggle within ourselves. This session releases those links from the past to the present. Live it and love it!

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This comprehensive stop smoking program will have you kicking the butt of your smoking habit in no time. Feel happy and confident about your progress and choice to quit smoking after your first session.

Each of the tailored hypnotherapy sessions are just 20 – 25 mins in duration, so you can easily fit this program into the busiest of schedules doing just 1 session per day. You’ll finish each of the sessions feeling refreshed and relaxed, and having the confidence to tackle life’s daily challenges without the fear typically felt when quitting cigarettes without support.

This program will step you through becoming free from all of the common elements that hold so many smokers back from successfully quitting smoking.

Take action today and put yourself and your health on the right track, you won’t regret it – We Guarantee It! If after following the program for 30 days you’re not satisfied with your progress, let us know and we’ll refund your money.

In less time than you spend smoking cigarettes each day, you can quit smoking and improve your health without lifting a finger ! It’s so easy and relaxing, all the while saving you money! Do it now and start your journey to a healthier, happier, and more confident you.


I am now 99 days smoke free and feel fantastic. I have to say I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. Thank you to Progressive Hypnosis for helping me become a non-smoker. I have recommended you to friends.


I smoked for 30 years and had tried giving up with patches, cold turkey but neither worked. This hypnosis download worked and I feel great. Should have tried this the first time.