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Sleep Deeply Hypnosis with Floating Relaxation

Close your eyes, lie back and find yourself light as a feather, floating on air, drifting into deep sound sleep. Enjoy the deep soothing calmness that pervades your mind and body.

This Deep Sleep Hypnosis was especially written to give you a profound floating relaxation experience. Calm your mind and sleep soundly for the whole night.

This sleep hypnosis is ideal to listen to every night – it’s soothing spoken suggestions for complete relaxation are accompanied by background sleep music. 

At Your Convenience

Listen in the comfort of your own home. No need to take time off work or drive anywhere. 



Get Results Quicker

Listen to your download every day creating your new behaviours and ways of thinking more quickly than a weekly therapist appointment.

Save Money

Listen to your download over and over at a fraction of the cost to see a therapist.

Helen Ryan

Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist

I am a formally qualified Hypnotherapist with over 10 years experience helping people, including

– counselling and hypnotherapy in private practice
– online coaching with clients around the world
– meditation guide
– writing and recording hypnosis and meditations for YouTube,
Spotify and Apple

I am trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ego State Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique and Stage Hypnosis.

I am would be honoured to help you improve your life. Contact me to create a personalised hypnosis or meditation recording for positive change.

Get the benefits today

after years of knee pain stiff joints can sleep without concentrating on what pain I feel, it just melts away. In the morning, I feel renewed! Your voice is soooo soothing and calming with its directive suggestions.

Norma JG

Thank you so much it helped me so much I fell asleep so fast


feel really calm for my upcoming flight. love the idea that flying is like compulsory time out from my hectic life. excellent. thanks.

life like yours

Truly wonderful! A perfect balance of beautiful voice, quality content, and really nice music! Thank you so very much!


Beautifully calming and balancing!


Wow I listened to this a couple of weeks ago and I literally have walked past sweets and goodies without flinching. I have declined cake with ease and said no thanks to those yummy girl scouts cookies. Earlier today I even walked past chocolate covered strawberries like they were covered in dirt instead. Not lying binaural beats and affirmations work.??

Self Love

Really comprehensive bit of meditation. Of great value. Cheers.

Andrea R

I love your meditation and your voice is soothing ⭐ I am grateful

Kerry A

What is hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis greatly helps a person’s physical and emotional state.  That old adage, “we are what we think” and “think and you shall become” are epitomised by self-hypnosis.  We are exactly those – how we think is how we feel… if we have upbeat and excited thoughts, we feel good. If we are confident of success, we are many times more likely to succeed.  By the same token, if we have negative thoughts, or thoughts of failure we are most likely to fail and we will feel flat or down. Our habitual ways of thinking are unconscious to us. Our subconscious mind delivers our thoughts and behaviours to us based on our repeated behaviours.  Self-hypnosis re-programs the subconscious mind – it plants the positive thoughts we want to have so we don’t have to remind ourselves and makes these positive thoughts our new habits.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind. The health benefits of meditation have long been recognised. It is a great way of reducing stress on both the mind and body. Meditation is about working with the mind and leads to an improved sense of presence, calm, attentiveness and an increase in valued qualities such as empathy, patience and creativity.

How to Download Your Order

All downloads are MP3 format.

You have 2 ways to download your order:
1. Immediately after your order is processed your screen will display links to download your order; and
2. You will also receive an email with download links.

NOTE – There will be 2 links for each recording :

ONE link to download to an ANDROID device (eg Samsung phone/ALL non-Apple devices)

ONE link to download to an IOS/APPLE devices (eg iPad, iPhone, MacBook)


How to Use Your Download

Find a quiet place where you feel safe and won’t be interrupted. Listen however you feel comfortable, the use of headphones is not necessary but many people prefer this.

Allow yourself to relax into the recording; you do not need to think consciously of what is being said, your subconscious mind will do all the positive work on your behalf. (If you find the other thoughts coming into your mind that is fine, just bring your attention back to the download).

The duration of listening is unique to you. While most people listening daily see positive change in 21 days; some people need to continue for longer in order to get results.

Permitted Use

By purchasing any hypnosis downloads via this Progressive Hypnosis download site you shall be entitled to download the hypnosis download as an MP3 file onto a single computer, save a copy of the hypnosis download onto a CD or MP3 player or hard drive of your computer.  The self-hypnosis download is then for your own personal use in accordance with any instructions given to you by us and not for any commercial use..

You must not use any content of this Progressive Hypnosis site or any of its hypnosis downloads for any commercial purposes.