Fearless Public Speaking Hypnosis Program


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Become a relaxed and confident public speaker.  Give presentations that engage the audience and look forward to giving them.

Fearless Public Speaking is 4 powerful hypnosis downloads:

  • Calm and Confident Public Speaking
  • Look Forward to Public Speaking
  • Calm and Relaxed Feelings
  • Increased Self Esteem

Give presentations that engage the audience and look forward to giving them.  Through this Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis Program you’ll approach public speaking with confidence and excitement.  See yourself stepping out from behind the podium, taking centre stage confidently, your voice carrying clearly across the room, the audience engaged and you, calm and completely in control.

We all have to speak in front of an audience at some time.  Whether it’s your job requirement, a means to a promotion, a best man’s speech, or even at your local sports committee meeting.  There are plenty of situations where good public speaking skills can help you – advance your career, enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence and create new opportunities.

Isn’t it time to harness any nervousness and turn it into excitement and confidence.  Stop self-sabotaging with negative self-talk.  Stand out from the crowd and establish a successful and prominent reputation as a distinguished public speaker.

After listening to these you’ll be looking forward to your next opportunity to speak publicly, eager to utilize your new skills.  Get ready to gear yourself up to present your best ever speech with conviction, strength and confidence!