STOP getting ANGRY Sleep Hypnosis – Hypnosis for Anger Length:45mins



Listen as you drift off to sleep to this STOP GETTING ANGRY hypnosis recording. Designed to break the habit of easily becoming angry, this anger management hypnosis recording will help you to stop getting angry and remain calm and relaxed and in control. This is a natural and relaxing anger management method to deal with your anger responses and keep you calm. Stop, take a breath, and think.

Relax and unwind with this uplifting self hypnosis session. At the end of the anger management section you will be guided into a deep and replenishing nights sleep. If you have already drifted off to sleep due to the relaxing nature of the recording that is fine too, your subconscious mind will still benefit from the anger management suggestions.

Repetition of this anger management and anger response recording is highly recommended to enhance the creation of your new behaviours to remain in control, calm, and relaxed. We recommend nightly for 14 consecutive nights.

Written and Spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
With thanks to for the use of their royalty free music as the backing on this recording.



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