Play Better Golf, Putting Precision


Get the edge on the green and sink more putts.

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Putt your way to better golf scores with this golf putting aid with hypnosis.

Providing improvements in your game when on the putting green.  Through this hypnosis session you will train your mind to deliver greater clarity of thought on the putting greens resulting in sinking more putts more often. This session is a whole lot more than putting tips.

In addition to feeling great after this relaxing session you’ll get the benefits of more confidence on the putting green.

Beat the yips on the putting greens with this powerful and enjoyable hypnosis session.  If you’re looking for a putting aid that delivers more confidence and more consistence on the putting greens then this program is a must.  As part of the Tapping Into Your Inner Tiger golf performance improvement program, this session focuses solely on putting and is a whole lot more than putting tips.  Enabling you to improve your mental state when on the putting green and giving you the mind tools to sink more putts more often.  This is a relaxing session that goes for approximately 20 minutes, so you can comfortably fit it into a lunch break or your daily routines.

When using this putting aid session 2 – 3 times per week, after just a few rounds you’ll notice your focus and confidence on the putting greens improving.  Making every shot count is what makes great golf scores and mastering the putter is a key element to reducing that golf handicap or helping you get your golf handicap.

Invest in yourself and your golf now for a fraction of the cost of golf instruction lessons.

Take action and purchase today.  This putting aid session represents exceptional value.