Lose Weight while you Sleep – 15 Day Success Challenge Length:1hr

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Permanent weight loss is a direct result of how you use your mind. Listen for 15 days to create the habit of eating for weight loss and maintenance and see your success!  Listen and re-program your mind today to form these positive weight loss habits. Length 1:03

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This 15 Day Weight Loss Success Hypnosis is a powerful way to reprogram your mind for fast and easy weight loss, all while you go to sleep.

The keys to successfully losing weight and keeping it off are habits and imagination, both are far more powerful than the logic and willpower you’ve tried to utilize numerous times in the past! You’ve spent years listening to your conscious mind telling yourself that you are over weight, telling yourself to eat less and not to eat some things at all… to no avail. Your eating patterns are a habit, long ago created and burned into your unconscious mind. To change a habit you must change it in your unconscious mind. Hypnosis is a powerful way to access your unconscious mind and reprogram it for new habits. Your unconscious mind will only accept ideas that are in alignment with your values, fortunately health is.

This 15 Day Weight Loss Success Hypnosis utilizes hypnosis and your own amazing imagination for success. Imagination is a very powerful tool in creating a new habit. When you imagine or remember something you experience the feelings associated with it which deepens the motivation towards or away from it. For example, remember the moment you first held your newborn child, it’s peaceful little face and tiny body resting snugly in your arms, the deep feeling of love and protection you instantly feel. Now notice how you feel good inside, happy and pleased, maybe even a smile on your lips. You didn’t have to tell yourself to have these feelings, you just experienced them naturally. Wouldn’t you want to experience these feelings again and again? Under hypnosis we will create a vivid image of you at your ideal slim and healthy self and make it so strong that you will be drawn to it and experience the good feelings associated with it so as you want to experience it again and again thereby already connecting more deeply with this part of yourself and increasing your success. This is far more powerful than simply telling yourself to lose weight. We will do many other things also to ensure you have every chance to achieve your greatest success yet. It’s all about your daily habits controlled by your mind conditioning.

Now you can see that all the things you have in your life are not an accident, they are a direct result of how you use your mind. It’s so very powerful in both positive and negative ways.

Listen to this 15 Day Weight Loss Success Hypnosis each evening as you go to sleep for 15 consecutive nights. Each time you listen to this 15 Day Weight Loss Success Hypnosis you are strengthening the neural pathways in your brain and that is forming your successful weight loss habits. You’ll be amazed how great and motivated and active you are in your weight loss journey by the end of the 15 days. Now is the time to begin. You’ve nothing to lose but excess weight.

This hypnosis sis designed to be listened to as you drift off to sleep because your unconscious mind is most open to accepting new ideas when you are relaxed. There is a deep relaxation at the beginning followed by the hypnotic weight loss suggestions. Good luck!

2 reviews for Lose Weight while you Sleep – 15 Day Success Challenge Length:1hr

  1. Hannah

    Just completed 15 days. Feel great. Lost weight and feel like this is definitely a new way of living for me. Didn’t feel like I was missing out on any of the fattening foods I used to eat because I just had no desire to ruin my great progress. Thanks 🙂

  2. Nellie

    Purchased along with your Intermittent Fasting recording and I feel like a different person around food. They are working!

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