Lose Weight Hypnosis – Be a Mindful Eater for Permanent Weight Loss Length:22min

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Stop eating mindlessly.  Slow down and make good and healthy food choices. Being mindful is a very strong part of the weight loss journey. In the past you made food choices without really thinking about them – do you remember eating a donut or brownie and afterwards wondering why you did that? You weren’t being mindful. Utilise this part of the Weight Loss Program to become mindful so the next time you see a brownie you will ask yourself if you’re really hungry for that brownie or is it something else or are you just thirsty? It’s all being mindful.

In this recording you will identify those mental barriers or bad habits that are already programmed into your subconscious, and change them so they no longer have you making poor decisions around food, exercise, health.

Written and Spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist

2 reviews for Lose Weight Hypnosis – Be a Mindful Eater for Permanent Weight Loss Length:22min

  1. nancy

    I am now so very aware of what I eat. I still sometimes think, “I feel like a piece of chocolate” (my old weakness) but as soon as I have that thought I then think “I won’t feel good if I eat that..” and then I grab an apple or something healthy. It’s just great. I feel much better about myself. Thanks Progressive Hypnosis Downloads

  2. jake

    did this hypnosis download as part of the Weight Loss Program and loved it. doing great – lost 10kg really easily just by listening to the program and then just wanting to eat healthily and less. highly recommend the weight loss download hypnosis program. thanks guys.

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