HEAL while you SLEEP – Powerful Sleep Meditation for Rapid Healing Length:1hr


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Enjoy soothing relaxation and restorative sleep whilst you manifest powerful and rapid healing of the mind and body. In this guided healing meditation you will set your intention to experience profound healing and focus your energy to maximise healing while you sleep. So, enjoy the relaxation and manifest your healing while drifting off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Your subconscious mind is one of your most powerful tools and contributes greatly to your wellbeing and healing. So, fill your mind with powerful and positive and uplifting thoughts – affirmations – to promote greater healing and continued health and vitality.

This guided meditation will help you focus your intentions on healing and staying strong and healthy. As you focus your powerful subconscious mind on healing yourself we encourage you to drift into a deep and pain free sleep.

We suggest you listen to this Heal while you Sleep recording each evening as you drift off to sleep to manifest healing and restorative sleep and feelings of wellbeing and health.

HEALING AFFIRMATIONS USED IN THIS RECORDING (we also suggest you choose 2 or 3 that you like most and repeat them several times each day) :
I am healing now.
My body knows how to heal itself.
I deserve to heal.
The more I relax the healthier I become.
I love taking care of myself.
I plan to live a long and healthy life.
All the cells in my body regenerate and vibrate in health and harmony.
I take care of my body by making smart choices.
I am strong, happy and healthy and becoming even more so every day.

Written and spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
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