Play Better Golf, Get in the Zone


Train your mind to get into the zone every shot.

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The ultimate golf training aid

Take your mental game to another level with this golf training aid with hypnosis – titled Getting In The Zone.  In this guided hypnotherapy golf instruction you’ll train your mind to get into the zone and practice powerful visualisations that will help you in taking your game to the next level.

This session is suitable for all golfers from the newcomer to those seeking to push their golf handicap into single figures.

Getting In The Zone provides the foundation for the complete Tapping Into Your Inner Tiger golf performance improvement program, focusing on empowering any golfer with clarity of thought and greater self-belief on the course.

Using proven hypnotic methods for sports performance improvement, this session will guide the listener through powerful visualisations deep within the mind. The end result enabling inner mental strength and drive to quickly and easily get ‘in the zone’ for any shot.  In just a few short weeks the listener will develop a greater sense of mental clarity and focus when playing.

Leverage the biggest and most important muscle in the game of golf – your brain!  Buy this program today and get started, it will be the best value investment in your golf game you’ve ever made.

Enjoy an amazing state of relaxation whilst you reap the rewards of improving your mental golf game.  Simply sit back for this 20 minute session and enjoy the journey.

This golf training aid program is suitable for golfers of all levels; take action today and Get In The Zone.