Get Over Your Ex Sleep Hypnosis to Move on from a Relationship Length:30min



This guided hypnosis session is designed to help you Get Over Your Ex and help you mend your broken heart and let go of unhelpful feelings you have over a past relationship so you can move forward and look towards the future with excitement and positivity. And, this gentle hypnosis is like a guided meditation and you can drift easily off to sleep at the end or even while listening. It encourages deeply relaxing and healing sleep.

Many people struggle and suffer through the end of a relationship feeling a gamut of emotions including sadness, anger, frustration, inadequacy, dejection and even depressed. One of the challenges of getting over a break up is over thinking and fixating on the past which can become consuming and lead to anxiety. This way of thinking is very unhelpful and sabotaging and leaves no room to see a future without your ex. And soon you begin to wonder when will you feel better, when will you get over your ex and this past relationship.

Well, if you’re reading this then you’ve had enough, you’re tired of feeling sad and trapped by this ex relationship and you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to move on. This recording, How to Get Over an Ex While you Sleep has been designed to allow you to leave this relationship in the past, to take the good and fun times from it and remember them fondly, to notice that the good feelings that you have about anything come from within yourself and are still there and to notice how strong and capable you are and encourage yourself to look brightly ahead and step into your future with optimism and excitement.

We encourage you to listen to this recording daily for at least 1-2 weeks and even more often if you prefer. Repeated listening can help you strengthen your own positivity and deepen the behaviours you would like to experience on a daily basis. The end of this track will not wake you and you will be guided with positive suggestions into a deeply relaxing, bedtime sleep.

Written and spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
Music: Hypnotic TranceScapes Volume I – Mystical Forest,, © 2006 Transform Destiny, Inc. All rights reserved.


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