Clear Subconscious Negativity Sleep Hypnosis – Stop Negative Thoughts


Feel a weight lift as old unhelpful subconscious negativity leaves you. Negative thinking and thought patterns  hinder life’s enjoyment.  Release negative thoughts and stop unhelpful thought patterns, feel at peace and happier. Length 1:00


Clear subconscious negativity and release negative thoughts and blocks with this guided self hypnosis. Negative thinking and thought patterns are extremely hurtful and hinder life’s enjoyment. Clear negative thoughts easily though this guided recording – let go of all your unconscious negative thoughts, old unhelpful thought patterns, and any emotional baggage.

Feel a weight lift as the old subconscious negativity leaves you – see those old negative feelings and thoughts turn to ashes and drift away leaving you feeling at peace, free and comforted. Without the old subconscious negativity you will draw to yourself positive people and experiences and your life will expand in wonderful positive ways.

This recording also takes you to a deep level of relaxation and is designed to allow you to drift off into a deep rejuvenating and healing sleep. The guided self-hypnosis lasts for approximately 30 minutes and then relaxing and soothing background music continues so as you drift deeply asleep. Suitable for listening in the evening as you drift off to sleep. Look forward to waking in the morning, refreshed, feeling positive and looking ahead to a better future.

Affirmations are a powerful way of enhancing positive change and creating the behaviours you want. We recommend repeating affirmations 5-10 times each day for one month. By the end of the month you will have mentally and physically embraced the affirmation so it is an unconscious part of you and you naturally take on its meaning in your actions and thoughts. Below we have included a few affirmations that you might find helpful – or you may choose your own.

I am a calm and positive person
I easily let go of anger, jealousy and hatred
I let go of sadness and jealousy
I release negativity from the past and other people
I am a happy person
I focus on enjoying my life
I have a bright future full of great things
I smile and laugh everyday
I am full of positive energy
I let negative thoughts float right out of my mind with ease


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