Relaxed Flying Hypnosis


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Enjoy relaxed flying.  Travel the world calmly and confidently.

Around the world, millions of people need to fly every day whether for work or pleasure.   Travel anxiety is one of the most common fears today and it often begins well before the flight is even booked.  Anxiety around flying varies – it could be feeling out of control, flying in bad weather, turbulence, being in the air, being in a confined space, a fearful past experience on a plane and many more – it’s very personal.  Some people become so overwhelmed they can’t fly at all or rely on heavy prescription drugs.  Wouldn’t you like to enjoy relaxed flying?

This guided relaxation for flying is designed to send even the most anxious traveller into a deep relaxation.  The self-guided relaxation download has been written to allow you to remove your fears around flying and create a relaxed state so you can fly calmly and confidently.

We recommend you listen to this download regularly before flying.   You can even listen to it on the plane.  Next time you travel make it a relaxing experience.