8hr Lose Weight while you Sleep πŸ’€ All Night Subliminal for Fast Weight Loss, and Permanent



Sleep soundly all night while subliminal suggestions for easy and fast weight loss play throughout the night. Beginning with a short audible hypnosis for deep relaxation and sleep, followed by almost 8hrs of subliminal suggestions for fast weight loss. Make it easy and permanent for you to lose weight as your subconscious mind takes on the subliminal suggestions to lose weight. Relaxing sleep music plays throughout the whole of the 8hrs of Subliminal Weight Loss.

Why is Subliminal Audio so Powerful? Any message created below the conscious threshold is known as subliminal. Subliminal messages are masked using background music. You cannot hear the messages consciously, but your subconscious mind hears the messages. Any change you wish to make to your habits must take place at a subconscious level or it will not be permanent. Subliminals are really powerful because the messages bypass our conscious mind which is the little voice inside of us that says “this is too hard”, “i can’t do this”, it’s not for me”, etc. and directly access the unconscious mind where permanent positive changes are made fast and very easily. (Your subconscious mind will only take on board the suggestions that are aligned with your values, ie, health if you are doing this πŸ™‚

Here is an example of some of the subliminal audio …
Your wonderful slim self, full of energy, full of pleasure and vitality, full of contentment and bliss at being one with your truest self. As your mind becomes full of the image of your true self, slim, fit, healthy body, you are moulding your unconscious mind to create the behaviours that provide this truest most honest version of yourself. You were born with a blueprint of your size and shape. it was created when you were forming in the womb. just like the inherited characteristics of your nose eyes and hair. You were hard coded generations ago and you were designed to be slim fit and healthy. This blueprint is coming out to the front of your mind after years of being hidden away, and your body is responding to it in the most positive way. … You love the new you. the new you that you are creating each day with healthy eating, healthy exercising and healthy sleep. Being healthy makes you happy. Eating healthy makes you happy. Exercising regularly makes you happy. you are becoming stronger, happier and healthier every single day. You take pride in your body, pride in your health and you choose to give yourself good quality healthy foods. You find yourself eating the right amounts of food now. You eat less and you feel fuller…

Written and spoken by Helen Ryan, Hypnotherapist
Music – Zen Flow, Chris Collins, www.indiemusicbox.com


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